Focused mainly on artistic glass engraving with contemporary design, Capilano Estudio’s main objective is to capture and project the image of each client through an original abstract expression, shaped in glass and, at the same time, propose solutions to the architectural needs , Thus achieving a harmonious and global integration in each project.

Capilano Estudio also runs jobs for clients in Canada, the United States and Central America. It has a contact office and workshops near Vancouver, on Saltspring Island, very important artistic development center.

The name of the study “Capilano”, is due to the river of the same name, in the north of Vancouver. The river flows from the snowy mountains and is famous for the annual migration of salmon. The Capilano Estudio logo is a stylized salmon based on the carvings of native Canadian natives, who tell of the courage and perseverance of this fish, who faces adversity when returning to their birthplace.