It is born and grows in Guatemala City. He graduated as an Architect at the Rafael Landivar University in 1986.

The following year he emigrated to Vancouver, Canada, where he was hired initially by architect and urbanist Dick Mann. Later he works as a Jr. Architect and Industrial Designer at the prestigious firm Thompson, Berwick, Pratt Architects, with Brian Hemingway, Chairman and Fook Weng Chan, in residential, commercial, institutional and recreational projects in Canada, Malaysia and Singapore.

Introduced to the glass engraving with Markian Olynyk and Brian Baxter and the subject of the glass oven with Yves Trudeau and Robert Studer.

He also develops glass laminating techniques with Bert Glauner in Mexico.

In 1994 he founded Capilano Estudio with techniques of engraving in glass with different textures to enhance the different designs and began its development in the local market that later extended to countries of the region.

2003 is founded Volitan Glass to develop techniques in molded cast glass.